Naomi Simson tv appearances

Coming up this week 9th May 2016

Last week was busy, interesting and exciting – popping into the world of TV, publishing all whilst keep up my day job. I hosted a session with the RedBalloon team sharing insights on #CustomerExperience and the #Startup Days, a with the Minster for Innovation and Better Regulation talking all things #growth, working with my own start […]

Naomi Simson speaker

Coming up this week 2nd May 2016

Last week was all things media…especially given the arrival of #ReadyToSoar in book stores. I also had the pleasure of attending Claire Halliday’s launch of her book Things My Mother Taught Me which and here Benjamin Law’s stories first hand. Big groups at the #TotalSuccess events in Melbourne and Sydney, I shared many a story […]

Coming up this week 26th April 2016

Finally after the long wait Ready to Soar – my new book – will begin to appear in book shops. After congratulating the women finalists of the Barnardos NSW Mother of the Year I was in full swing last week producing a podcast with Dymocks, and I had great fun presenting at the Oracle Modern Marketing […]

Coming up this week 18th April 2016

Monday mornings I’m still excited to put on the #RedDress (my uniform) my primary focus in any week is amplifying the great work the team at RedBalloon and Redii  (and my Shark Tank companies). Right now however it is about getting ready for the launch of my book Ready To Soar and Shark Tank Series […]

Naomi Simson travel sydney

Coming up this week 11th April 2016

As I boarded a flight back to Sydney again this morning, I thought to myself…boy… I was in and out of the Gold Coast and Melbourne last week busy waving the RedBalloon flag at speaking engagements for Allianz, Siemens and Leading Property Managers of Australia (and who could forget B-School – pictured below working on […]

Naomi Simson author ready to soar

Coming up this week 4th April 2016

  Did you wake up on this Monday morning full of excitement, filled with purpose, and powered by positivity – set to work on the ‘One Thing’? Is it that you perhaps feel a little exhausted after the weekend? Perhaps you spent the weekend racing around trying to get ‘everything done’ such as attend every […]

More of this!

Coming up this week 29th March 2016

It’s coming up to five years since I left the post as CEO of RedBalloon – not being involved with the detail allows me as a non-executive director to bring different ‘experiences’ or insights to the board table. However, my passion has in no way diminished – I remain committed to great workplaces – I have seen […]

Naomi Simson

Coming up this week 21st March 2016

The question I am asked a lot is “what do you do now that you are not the CEO of RedBalloon?” Whilst life is busy, it is not chaotic – it is purposeful. In fact one of the things I do to create my week is to consider “What is the big game I am playing? […]

Naomi Simson philanthropic

Coming up this week 14 March 2016

The question I am asked a lot is “what do you do now that you are not the CEO of RedBalloon?” Whilst life is busy, it is not chaotic – it is purposeful. Last Monday I visited Barnardos Australia’s Auburn Centre. It enables families in crisis to get the help they need all in the […]

Coming up this week 18 March 2013

The last few weeks have been a hive of activity – with International Women’s Day events, RedBalloon developments and speaking engagements. In the last few weeks I have attended many great events: I spoke for AICD NSW and attended the Heads Over Heels event on the same evening I spoke for final year business students […]

At the heart of Invention

This week I am in San Fransisco and there is much to do and many people to meet. Many of tech companies are headquartered here – it is like coming to the heart of technology innovation. All of these businesses are busy inventing the ‘next big thing’ – whilst trying to protect what they have […]