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Why pitching is storytelling with facts

Why pitching is storytelling with facts

I was asked last week, in an interview as part of the ANZ Business Ready program at #IdeaNation hosted by B-School, what makes a great pitch. Even though a third of my new book Ready To Soar is dedicated to answering that question, I think there is one element that appeals to me most and that is how well the ‘pitcher’ engages with the listener. All of us in small business pitch for one reason or another. Whether it is […]

Has Shark Tank made pitching the new Aussie national sport?

Has Shark Tank made pitching the new Aussie national sport?

Move over Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga; there’s a new game in town, and I seem to be playing it every day. My guess is the other Sharks are playing it too. Official kick off starts at 7.30pm on Sunday nights in close to a million homes across Australia, but it’s played outside those hours too. Who knows, it could become a new national sport. The game I’m talking about is called ‘Pitch It’. When we started filming Shark Tank, it […]

Advice to Gerry – you can’t take it with you

Andrew Carnegie: ''The man who dies rich dies disgraced.''

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and we were talking about how to teach our children the value of money. I remembered a presentation I attended years ago when the woman likened money to water… it has a need to flow – there is clean money and dirty money, sometimes it get’s damned up – but spread freely and evenly allows the world to prosper. My friend said that he has set aside some money to support community programs […]

Seven generational paradigms

What about a wall of Praise to support the generational paradigm shift at your work place?

I’m not a big fan of categorizing people by their age and putting a label on them. Years ago I wrote a blog about ‘Generation Why’ – claiming that I was very much a part of the “generation that questions everything.” I shared recently about my discovery of Pinterest – and how Facebook and Twitter have changed the interface to become more visual. ‘A picture saves a thousand words’… I begin to wonder what the children born this century will […]

Painting a picture of our future.

Businesses go through different phases – each has a distinct set of characteristics. Each cycle brings its own set of challenges about leadership style, cash flow, marketing activities, customer base, processes, systems etc. Over time the focus and importance on any given activity changes as the business matures. My time as CEO (chief experience officer) is 50% with customers, listening, learning and responding. The other part of my role is all about staying focussed on the vision, delivering on our […]

Return on Investing in People

I’ve always run my business based on our shared values. They really work. If I’m not sure how I should act on a particular decision I will often refer back to our values for guidance. Our third value is generosity… As such when any of the team has come to me to ask to attend a training course or seminar ? I have never refused them. When my HR leader joined some months ago and she reviewed our training and […]

My Ten Stress busting tips.

My Ten Stress busting tips.

I have learned that stress is a self-induced phenomenon. As such given that no one imposes it on you, then I have had a good look at what I do to keep myself balanced (some might argue I have not succeeded). Here are some of the ways that I reduce the ‘stress’ in my life. 1. Eat properly. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. (I simply cannot sleep if I have a large […]

Back to basics

One of my entrepreneur friends said to me recently: “If it was easy running a business, wouldn’t everybody do it?” I have been having a good long look at not only where I add the greatest value to my business, but what I enjoy doing the most. What I love the most is meeting with customers, hearing about their businesses and then discovering ways that we can support them in their endeavors. I’ve worked out that I am better “out” […]

Growing Pains.

I have gone silent, I have stopped writing my blogs, and even become almost quiet at work. My book has just arrived from the printers documenting the trials and tribulations of the first five years in a fast growing business. The launch event is next week. I should be on top of the world. The next five years are more daunting than the first. The first were all about “one for all and all for one”. Fast growth is an […]

Starfish and Spiders in Tokyo

Starfish and Spiders in Tokyo

Rod Beckstrom has founded, grown and successfully exited several businesses. But he is a curious sort of a guy…he wanted to know about the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations. So together with Ori Brafman he set about researching those organizations that are so very successful but they have seemingly no leader. I got to meet him at the EO event in Tokyo. He cited many interesting examples during his presentation on the power of organisations without known leaders. Alcoholics Anonymous […]