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Blatant Promotion.

Dymocks and other great bookstores are all now stocking my recently released book ‘I want what she is having’. It is not an autobiography… It’s probably more than anything a marketing book. What I have learned – what worked and didn’t work. Also, it looks at the inextricable link between marketing and the employees of […]

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Time to celebrate

I was so excited to have my books finally arrive. Well, I suppose they are not really my books. They are for Dymocks, many other great booksellers and for sale and online. But ultimately they are for those who want to know ‘what I am on’. I t is very exciting to have the first […]

Meeting Ram Charan

At the launch of Telstra’s Next IP, I had the privilege of meeting Ram Charan. Now I have quoted him many times, in fact in the little book of answers. Ram’s quote heads up one of the chapters. “The motto of successful CEOs: People first, strategy second.” Ram has written a new book simply called […]

Starfish and Spiders in Tokyo

Rod Beckstrom has founded, grown and successfully exited several businesses. But he is a curious sort of a guy…he wanted to know about the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations. So together with Ori Brafman, he set about researching those organisations that are so very successful but they have seemingly no leader. I got to meet […]

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Dan Pink – creativity and empathy

Dan Pink – creativity and empathy presentation summary Dan Pink (author of ‘A Whole New Mind’) took to the stage with gusto on the final day of the n-PODs conference. What a simple message, delivered in an entertaining and enthusiastic way. Here is the crux of the message; “The world is moving from an analytical […]

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Small Business Big Brand

Carolyn Stafford’s new book (launched on Friday) has 33 marketing actions a small business could take to build its brand. Here are just four: Pinch ideas from big brands – what do organisations you admire do well? Then copy it. Create a knock-out visual brand – every piece of communication – even invoices are an […]

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Get a Life

I have just finished reading Tom McKaskill’s recent book ‘Get a Life’. He presents an inside view of the lives of entrepreneurs, warts and all. Tom has managed to get hundreds of insights from entrepreneurs from around the planet. Yet apparently only 2% of our working community could be classified as entrepreneurs. There is a […]

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Quirky – Lessons learned

Quirky Qwerty Keyboard I’ve started writing a lot of what I’ve learned down in a book. Which is a fascinating process for me as I never really considered the quirky qwerty keyboard as I write, to face a blank page and think where to start? I began to reflect, of all the schooling (13 years […]

When Small is Big.

When Small is Big.

When Small is Big – Agility When you’re in small business you may pretend to be bigger than you really are. (Giving people big titles is an example). When Small is Big is when you can respond quickly. But when you’re in big business you often pretend to be small, agile, innovative and entrepreneurial. I […]