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Your business will thrive when your people thrive

Your business will thrive when your people thrive

In last Sunday night’s episode of Channel Ten’s Shark Tank – John McGrath gave some very sage advice to one of the entrepreneurs – he said “I think you are both the biggest asset … and liability to your business.” John is a measured guy – and he did not say this lightly. A leader, founder, inventor, entrepreneur needs people around them to tell them how it is… often we can’t see this. And if we ever want to grow…

RedBalloon announces ex-Tourism Australia marketing head as new CEO

RedBalloon announces ex-Tourism Australia marketing head as new CEO

It is a really exciting day for RedBalloon as the board; Chair Ken Boundy, my business partner Peter Simson and I announced to the team – that we have appointed a new CEO. Here is the announcement circulated today. RedBalloon today announced the appointment of Nick Baker as its new CEO. Baker joins RedBalloon after seven highly successful years as Chief Marketing Officer of Tourism Australia, during which time he and his team were responsible for three of Tourism Australia’s…

When was the last time you said thank you?

I felt completely honored with the RedBalloon team hosted a #redshark party - I love my 'Shark' party - thanks team

Anyone who has met me or listened to me at a speaking event knows I’m a passionate person. For example, I’m passionate about giving people opportunities to share good times with those that matter to them: this is the passion that drives RedBalloon. I’ve said before how much of an honour it is to be part of people’s happiest, most thrilling, and special moments. But I also believe that these “good times” shouldn’t just be reserved for weekends or special…

Productivity Hacks: Happy People Are Productive People

Productivity comes from my head space. I struggle to be creative if I'm negative.

I’m not being flippant here in suggesting that being happy is my “hack”. When the editors of LinkedIn sent out the brief requesting our insights into the productivity hacks that we use, I looked at all the things I do, from shared document reporting, to online diary requests systems… All of these add consistently to being productive. The Cloud has transformed the way I work – and not just my productivity but that of all those around me at RedBalloon….

Longing to Belong

Jemma - a sense of belonging

At the very core of our being – we want to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs speaks to self-esteem and respect – and respect is very much about being in a place where you can be yourself. When I left corporate life and started my own business I wanted to build a business ‘where I wanted to work’… I wanted to be myself, be respected for my contribution and more than anything I wanted…

One step toward being an ‘out of the box’ best employer

Megan Bromley accepting the AHRI HR practitioner of the year award.

I meet many business owners, and entrepreneurs; the question that we cannot help but ask each other is “How’s business?” People tend to be circumspect with his or her answer however the conversation usually moves on to “how did RedBalloon become a ‘Great Place to Work?”. I have never shied away from sharing with anyone the pivotal moment when we added to the team an HR professional. We only had about 25 people back in the day when we made…

Big dreams – if you think you can you can.

Looking very happy with the completion of the planning process. With Kristie Buchanan

We have just completed our planning cycle. And I am completely excited by the plans that the leadership team has created under the stewardship of CEO Kristie. Whilst I am clearly not going to reveal the content here… it gave me cause to reflect about dreaming big – and playing full out. RedBalloon is all about ‘Good – Times’ and the speed at which we play a bigger and bigger game is inspiring. – Thanks Team “If you think you…

Recruiting is like dating – it is two way.

Recruiting is like dating – it is two way.

Recently a fellow entrepreneur asked me to take a look at a job ad that she had created for an account manager role. Now I believe that anyone who is accountable for customer relationship needs to truly live and breath the essence of a business. To be completely at one with it’s vision and values. It is not just about doing the job; it is about being the ‘brand’. A walking, talking personification of the beliefs of the business. You…

The Power of Appreciation

Kristie CEO recognizing Jane for living the RB values

Yesterday I was asked to speak spontaneously to the RedBallooners at our company wide meeting. As I stood in front of what appeared like a massive group of people…. I felt a wave of deep gratitude. Not just for those who were present – but all the past team members too. I thanked all of the past employees too – for their contribution – not only the amazing one’s, but also those who had been challenging and perhaps troublesome. Because…

“Can I hold your baby?”

Kristie and I holding our other babies

1 April is my 13th anniversary as a RedBallooner. It feels like it has been my whole life… I struggle now to remember a time before RedBalloon. My role has changed more in the last 2 years than in the 10 years prior to that. As mentioned in my previous post – Kristie CEO is well and truly out in front of RedBalloon leading the next wave of growth. We recently presented at the Growth Summit on how we transitioned…