What are the biggest barriers to growth?

At the recent Growth Summit – I listened carefully to what Bob Bloom had to say about growth. RedBalloon has always grown organically, no acquisitions, mergers or other major transactions. So I was fascinated to listen on how to keep growing from within. Clearly the bigger a company gets the harder it is to have […]

If you ever feel stopped?

What is stopping you right now. Maybe nothing. If you are a person who is focused, positive, driven and has a clear sense of purpose then read no further… get back to it. If you ever find yourself wondering why other people seem to have all the luck, other people seem to be successful and […]

Is your purpose ‘cult like’?

I have had quite a number of people forwarding me copies of their painted picture documents as they develop the vision for their businesses. It is a very personal document as an entrepreneur to put your thoughts down on paper; to allow your self to be vulnerable and dream without fear of failure. It is […]

Growing Pains.

I have gone silent, I have stopped writing my blogs, and even become almost quiet at work. My book has just arrived from the printers documenting the trials and tribulations of the first five years in a fast growing business. The launch event is next week. I should be on top of the world. The […]

Hitting the wall

Another great question from last night?s Amcham event ? well not that great, no one likes to see the ugly stuff. When and why have I hit the wall? ?Hit the wall? is a funny term ? does it imply like humpty dumpty never to be put back together again? And that is the thing, […]

Identifying an Entrepeneur’s strengths

I had the fantastic opportunity to be part of the Entrepeneurs Conference this week. The speakers were many and varied. The Gallup Organization – ran a session on strengths. The basic premise being “do you like what you do every day?”. Apparently only 20% of employees can answer yes to this. We did a simple […]