Creating a spirit of creativity.

I was asked recently to share from my experience about How do you encourage employees to be creative and innovative? This is just a bit about what we’ve learned and what we do at RedBalloon. My thinking being that there is good and better, and it is a never ending journey to being great. It […]

When Small is Big.

When you’re in small business…you often pretend to be bigger than you really are. (Giving people big titles is an example –see separate entry). But when you’re in big business you often pretend to be small, agile, innovative and entrepreneurial. I have just got my hands on a copy of Seth Godin’s new book “Small […]

Telstra Business Awards 2006 NSW winner announced.

Congratulations to the Telstra Business Awards NSW winner – the white agency. We were really pleased to be placed as a finalist. It was pointed out on the evening – there are 510,000 small businesses in NSW, 1100 entries to the awards and we were part of a select group of 6 finalists in the […]

Hitting the wall

Another great question from last night?s Amcham event ? well not that great, no one likes to see the ugly stuff. When and why have I hit the wall? ?Hit the wall? is a funny term ? does it imply like humpty dumpty never to be put back together again? And that is the thing, […]

What’s in a name.

I have been asked many times, ‘Where did the name come from?’. Some have commented that they think it is not a very logical name, moreover it in no way describes what RedBalloon Days is. I was presenting at a big event on the Gold Coast recently (600 attendees) and I was having a quick […]

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

I had the fantastic opportunity to be selected for the Entrepreneur’s Advanced Business Program at MIT in Boston. The program began last week. Early on we discussed how do we define entrepreneurialism. There was some interesting ideas: One was ‘monetised creativity’. Stephen Spinelli’s definition A way of thinking and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic […]

Show them what you’ve got….

I’m so excited – Google Maps Australia was launched on Tuesday 30 May 2006. And our fantastic development and product team had Google Maps integrated into our GoDo business 6 days later. First in Australia – probably fastest development on the planet. Lot’s more integration still to come. You know a year from now this […]

Identifying an Entrepeneur’s strengths

I had the fantastic opportunity to be part of the Entrepeneurs Conference this week. The speakers were many and varied. The Gallup Organization – ran a session on strengths. The basic premise being “do you like what you do every day?”. Apparently only 20% of employees can answer yes to this. We did a simple […]