If we all had a say…

I’m not one to way into political debate… however what a fascinating social experiment. If the world could vote on global leaders – what a different planet we might live on. We do after all share one planet. This link is worth a look – even if it is just to realise the huge number […]

Booming Businesses

I was having dinner with a friend of mine last night… she runs her own show. She said business has never been busier. In fact most of our conversation was about planning her business growth. Odd you might think with the current financial climate. She is in a business that will feel an upswing in […]


Surprised, delighted – speechless (well not for more than a second), and humbled is what I experienced this week at the AIIA iAwards. More than two years ago we were discussing amongst the team that many people wanted to use our experiences to do activities themselves ? they were not really looking for a gift. […]

Another big day in the history of RedBalloon.

As Jemma left the office today I said 14 March 2007 starts the next great chapter in RedBalloon’s journey. We are now in our sixth year and we have just launched web site number six!. It is not completed yet, the enhancements are all based on customer feedback and watching how people browse and search […]

Creating a spirit of creativity.

I was asked recently to share from my experience about How do you encourage employees to be creative and innovative? This is just a bit about what we’ve learned and what we do at RedBalloon. My thinking being that there is good and better, and it is a never ending journey to being great. It […]

Telstra Business Awards 2006 NSW winner announced.

Congratulations to the Telstra Business Awards NSW winner – the white agency. We were really pleased to be placed as a finalist. It was pointed out on the evening – there are 510,000 small businesses in NSW, 1100 entries to the awards and we were part of a select group of 6 finalists in the […]

What’s in a name.

I have been asked many times, ‘Where did the name come from?’. Some have commented that they think it is not a very logical name, moreover it in no way describes what RedBalloon Days is. I was presenting at a big event on the Gold Coast recently (600 attendees) and I was having a quick […]

Show them what you’ve got….

I’m so excited – Google Maps Australia was launched on Tuesday 30 May 2006. And our fantastic development and product team had Google Maps integrated into our GoDo business 6 days later. First in Australia – probably fastest development on the planet. Lot’s more integration still to come. You know a year from now this […]