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‘Striving’ women entrepreneur ecosystem.

Of course I would much rather say that we had a ‘thriving’ women entrepreneur ecosystem but striving is a start. We have achieved so much since April 2012 when Melbourne-based startup incubator York Butter Factory caused controversy with it’s tweets that were labeled as ‘sexist’ and derogatory for women entrepreneurs. In fact it is so […]

I was sitting quietly at my desk….

I was sitting quietly at my desk last Wednesday… going through some emails, being intentional about getting back to people as soon as I can when I get an email from Pip Marlow – Microsoft Australia Managing Director. I don’t know Pip so it was unusual to hear from her. With interest I read the […]

What does Cloud Computing mean to RedBalloon?

Years ago – at the very beginning of time (well it feels that long ago), we began to think about what RedBalloon could look like. I took my hard earned $25k and visited a web developer. $25,000 later I had a very average website with no content management system. The site was ‘framed’ and even […]

Clouds level the business playing field

I was invited a few weeks ago to attend the V8 Supercars in Launceston… in the 12 years I have now worked at RedBalloon I have seen many a car (and been in side many a V8) as they raced around the circuit…. and given that the event was in Tasmania – and my close […]

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Clever Corp the hypothetical

I find myself on a board with David Thodey, Anna Bligh and Graeme Samuel and . And we are the new board of Clever Corp – and fictitious corporation invented by hypothetical luminary Geoffrey Robertson. For more than an hour Geoffrey weaves his questions around corporate governance, ethics and growths in a new world of […]

Four thoughts on creativity

Over the years I have had many people say to me “what a fantastic idea RedBalloon is..” often followed by the statement “I was going to do something like that” or “I wish I’d thought of it.” Ideas and creativity are critical to the success of any venture. I was in Utah last week at […]

Creativity creates the competitive edge

With Christmas rushing headlong towards us – last years innovations are now in full swing at RedBalloon. As we get, bigger, older and more established the last thing we want to do is forget what made us the award winning, innovative business that we are. One thing I do know is that innovation can come […]

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I’m not one to give advice but……

I was at a resort last week; what a great place to people watch – to be an observer of all things human. I noted a couple coming to the breakfast restaurant with their two tiny tots on their respective backs – I observed silently ‘how cute’. The couple sat nearby with their 2 & […]

Marketing: an industry of cool?

This is my column from Monday 16 July 2012 in the Australian – just in case you missed it. I was asked by the Australian to comment last week after a judge in the UK deemed Samsung’s Galaxy tablet “not as cool” as the Apple iPad, as part of the ongoing patent war between the […]

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Seen yet unknown

As I fast approach the release of my next little book – and as I am putting the finishing touches to the new website to support it . In some ways this is an acknowledgement of all the people that do good deeds that are unnoticed and unknown. Let’s sing their praises and share their […]