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What would you pay for better customer service?

The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found that Australian’s will pay more – in fact up to 12% more if that just got better service. Apparently we are among the unhappiest customers in the world. I find this interesting given that Gallup has been telling us for years that we have the second most […]

Curious about Happiness?

I just had lunch with a colleague – Kate, a casual celebration of her third year with RedBalloon. A bit of a reminisce and comparing notes on what we think has changed the most since 2008 both within and outside the business. She posed the question as we walked back… ‘Do you still think you […]

Three ideas to getting a fitter workplace…

I have often heard of people working in agencies, who work phenomenal hours. They are not alone – but when I was sent this note to comment on…. I thought does it always have to be like that. “Recently, I looked at a photograph of myself from 12 months ago. Since working relentlessly long hours […]

Outstanding strategies

The one thing I hated the most when running my last business was waiting for money to arrive. It was agony: I’d have paid all the expenses, but have to wait between 45 and 60 days for my payment to arrive. You might even think that it is funny for me to be writing about […]

Enjoying what you don’t want to do.

I found this in the front of an old diary… after reading Jim Collins Good to Great it is quite fitting. ‘Forget about your likes and dislikes – do what must be done and from that greatness will come.’Anon. When I was growing up by Father said to me (regularly) ‘You will be judged in […]