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Thoughts on success and happiness – 10 minute video

I thought I would share with all this recent presentation that I did for Muru-D. It is only 10 minutes and covers much about my thoughts on success, purpose, surrounding yourself with people of different strengths, authentic leadership, vision, values and alignment. I speak regularly, giving keynotes usually of about an hour – so I […]

Four steps to Happiness – Hear me speak at WiRL

I’m pretty excited to be speaking at the up coming WiRL Summit – Women in Real Life  (An Online Summit for professional women seeking career success and a balanced life) There is a very impressive line up of speakers – to which I am humbled to be a part. You will note that my session […]

One word on happiness.

Today is International Day of Happiness – 20 March every year is set aside to focus on the human emotion of happiness. Governments, industry and education facilities all know that happy people are more able to be creative and far more productive. So they have given ‘Happiness’ it’s own day of celebration. Given that I […]

What you look for is what you find!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car – you notice all the cars that are similar, yet before you had one – you did not see them. They were always there – simply your mind was not attuned to them. Does this work for other things? – Of course! As we […]

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Up, up and away – Melbourne Weekly Review

It is not often that I add to my own blog something that has been written about me – this article written by Peter Wilmoth and appeared with a cover shot throughout Melbourne last week. I thought it might give a broader perspective to you about my life…. Up, up and away. If any of […]

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Pride & Purpose

Planning for the new financial year is upon us again. The leadership team at RedBalloon is in the midst of brainstorms and planning sessions with their teams, exploring how they each can help deliver our purpose: creating happiness by giving people more good times. Its times like this I’m so grateful for the wonderful contribution […]

10,000 moments of happiness

A few weeks ago I decided to run a LinkedIn poll, after I had read Daniel Nettle’s book ‘Happiness – the science behind the smile’. I enjoyed it and found it easy to ‘consume’. One thing I discovered was that we all ‘sense’ happiness differently, and our environment could be a contributor to what we […]

We don’t do it for the thanks

[First on LinkedIn] The greatest gift we give is the gift of time… and over and over again I hear from many volunteers about the privilege it is to serve. But does that mean that a ‘thanks’ is still important. A colleague recently shared a pamphlet with me regarding carers working with people with disabilities. […]

Six warning signs for lagging leadership

  [This appeared on LinkedIn Thought Leaders first – on 24 October 2012] In Australia we have a notion called ‘tall poppy syndrome’ which means that culturally people who have merit are derided by their community. Not very productive really in a country which needs strong, decisive leaders more than ever. True leadership does not […]

Four tricks to getting out of your own way

“The only thing that stands between you and what you want; is you…..” Gina Mollicone-Long. I had the privilege of listening to Gina speak for the Entrepreneur Organization Sydney last night… 2.5 hours of fast paced – goal getting rather than goal setting. And out of context it is difficult to share the three points […]