Nice breeds nice- please don’t bully me.

I was just chatting to our Pleasure Relations Team…. Some organizations might refer to them as a contact centre or customer team. We named the team after what they do in supporting the brand experience. It is there job to ‘give people a good time.’ That is there role in the RedBalloon experience. [One of […]

The end is nigh? and other happy thoughts

I ponder how best to say ‘thanks for playing’ as the financial year draws to a close. Leadership teams are frantically putting the finishing touches on the strategic plan for the year to come, employees and managers are getting ready for performance reviews, the sales and marketing bods are giving one last big push to […]

A piece of string brings focus

I heard a great story this morning that really illustrates the importance of focus if you want to achieve an result. Apparently in the 70s when Kerry Packer was going through his legal battles in London with world series cricket – he was clearly very focused on winning. He asked an emanate British lawyer ‘How […]

What do customers say about you?

Have you heard of the ‘Gold Fish Principle’? It’s not new but it is worth being reminded that many businesses treat customers as fish, that is as if customers had no territorial memory. The business focussed solely on current transactions and gives little thought to customer memory. With no memory of a customer’s past and […]

Icing on Mud Pie.

I often say that icing on mud pie does not a cake make. I read this quote recently…if your relationship with your manager is fractured, then no amount of in-chair massaging or company sponsored dog walking will persuade you to stay and perform. It is better to work for a great manager in an old […]

Having Fun in Government

I was at speaking at the Talent and Leadership Conference at the Marriott this morning and I was asked “What do you know about rewarding people who work in the public sector, we don’t operate in a world about profit, and we need to be sensitive to the allocation of public funds? I started answering […]

The Power of Choice.

At least a year ago after I had presented the three elements of a successful program at a breakfast for business leaders I was taken aside by one of the attendees at the end of the event. She said to me ‘You know that you were saying about how people will share about their experiences […]