What is your employee engagement capability?

One of the questions I am often asked is ‘How do you do it?’ – or ‘what is your magic bullet on employee engagement?’ I have blogged regularily on what has worked for RedBalloon, but as one attendees after last nights ‘TheHIVE’ event declared ‘all businesses are not like RedBalloon, selling fabulous experiences. How do […]

10 Questions from Dream Employer Webinar

1. What effort is involved to transition non-attached employees back to attached, if it is at all possible. Re-establishing trust takes time – often years but is the essential ingredient to engagement. This must be achieved consistently. Leadership needs earn trust and a great way to do that is simply notice what people contribute. Often […]

Fun at Work

Thoughts from a RedBalloon veteran

On Friday it was time to farewell an original RedBallooner – Sarah was with us in the very early days – and has seen the business grow from 9 people to its present 50. She has caught the entrepreneurial bug and started her own show a named ‘Lady Bug’ as a fully fledged interior designer. […]

A big end of financial year blunder

Many businesses are busily planning for the new financial year. We are no different. We have our heads down, reviewing our performance, gathering data and imagining what next year will be like. And the team of course is who we are counting on to deliver the plan. (Business is a people sport after all.) As […]

Super Saver….

My colleague Sarah joined RedBalloon on April Fools Day in 2004 – she is fast approaching her five year anniversary. With any special occasion it gives us a moment to reflect. I’m sure Sarah could share much better than I about the changes she has experienced at RedBalloon…and the ones she has championed. She was […]

Heroes of Humanity

I was coming back from holidays in late January – sitting on an aircraft from Hong Kong to Sydney and the flight attendant handed me an A4 envelope. As I opened the package – my son asked me ‘Do you know everyone on the planet?’ – ‘Not quite’ said I. I had been asked to […]

Teaching an Old Dog new tricks.

This week I was presenting at the Marcus Evans HR Summit on the Gold Coast – and I shared some of what I believe has created an engaged team at RedBalloon. I was very quick to let the audience know that I am not an HR professional, but a marketer passionate about a brand… who […]

Recognition Every Day… (RED)

At RedBalloon we talk about recognition all the time, not only what we do at work, but what we are learning from our clients. Matt the RedBalloon head of corporate has put 52 recognition ideas into a handy little business card size piece. It is really quite fun – filled with great suggestions of how […]

Better out than in.

I was chatting with a friend this morning who said that he had three of his team resign in the last week. He asked ‘That’s not good is it?’ On the surface we look at the cost of replacing them and all the history and experience that they depart with, and of course we say […]