Spending money to make money

So this week I have been quoted as saying “recognising your people is not about being ‘nice’ it just makes good commercial sense”. Recognition has always been one of the drivers of what I consider makes a healthy and high performing business. In all my years of working with, being in, listening to and visiting […]

Preaching what we Practise

As most know I have moved to a founding director role at RedBalloon – Kristie Buchanan CEO has well and truly put her stamp on the business as she leads the business to it’s next phase of growth. We presented last week at the Growth Summit to fellow entrepreneurs on what it is like working […]

Naomi Simson family dexter

Help me research for my book…

I’m feeling great… full of the joys of life. I have walked to work with my dog Dexter – people have smiled as we walked, delighted by his youthful enthusiasm. The sun is shining, and I am looking forward to being in the office – getting lot’s done – but mainly listening to those around […]

A simple story in recognition.

Over the past 10 years RedBalloon has had many members of the team leave the business often to run their own show, travel, take on study or leave to work elsewhere. RedBalloon has been part of their personal journey, part of their learning, development and education – we have impacted and supported them. And in […]

Secret Sauce on Engagement

I had a great time debating with my colleague Megan (Employee Experience Manager – an HR professional) about what engagement means at RedBalloon – she has developed and documented all the things we do – and Matt in our corporate team is getting ready to share that with the world. Here are some points from […]

One more step towards a balanced board room

I remembering hearing once “if you win the rat race – you are still a rat”. Not sure why that pops to mind as begin to explore the process of becoming a director on a publicly listed company. “If you can’t beat them join them” might be more apt. I have discovered some interesting things […]