It’s a ‘devil’ of a job growing a business

When you start a #business you are full of #positivity and #possibility – you are so driven by #passion that anything seems achievable – you operate on sheer energy. As you grow your business you begin to employ people, and you ‘hope’ that they are as passionate as you… that they truly ‘believe’ in the cause, […]

Creativity, agility and execution all require strategy

Strategy, ideation, creativity, agility all these words are critical to the success of the business growth and even living a successful life. Nothing stays the same – change at every level is inevitible. In this series of posts I talk about the strategies and ideas that I came up with the stay relevant and ultimately […]

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What it takes to be ‘unbeatable’

Madeleine Albright famously said ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’ Perhaps there is a special place in hell for those who don’t help others… no matter the gender. When asked why Andrew Banks was a Shark on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Australia he said “People are curious to know how self-made people (like the Sharks) […]

Five habits for creating long-term happiness.

#TBT – Over a ‘lunch n learn’ session with the Redii team on Tuesday we re-watched Shawn Achor’s TEDx talk, and it reminded us all on what is important in this life.  I’m off to buy the team a gratitude journal each, and I encourage you to read on and ‘re-set the compass’. Shawn Achor […]

Do you do the average of 3,000 steps a day?

If you are the average office worker in Australia, you will be moving, on average, 3,000 steps a day, and you are likely to be seated for more than 2 hours at a time. 3,000 steps might sound like a big number, but considering the recommended minimum is 10,000… we’re not doing too well, are […]

Spending money to make money

So this week I have been quoted as saying “recognising your people is not about being ‘nice’ it just makes good commercial sense”. Recognition has always been one of the drivers of what I consider makes a healthy and high performing business. In all my years of working with, being in, listening to and visiting […]

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How to add $100,000 to your bottom line

We have never lived in a more ‘abundant’ time – despite the fact that there are more than 7 billion people on the planet – we have ‘more’ now than ever before in history. We are at the beginning of incredible social changes such as  ‘dematerialization’ and ‘demonetization’. A book called ‘Abundance’ by Diamandis and […]

10 ways to be brave enough to ‘Seize the Day’

It is one thing to say ‘Seize the Day’ – but it is another to actually do it. I (probably like most other people) if I am really faced with a challenge then I want to hide under the bed covers and ‘hope’ it will go away and all of a sudden life will get […]