Excited to announce….

Live What You Love. When Passion and Purpose Change your Life. I have been alluding to the fact that I have been researching and writing my next book for some time now. In fact, it is more than 12 months since I decided to set aside about eight hours a week to work on the […]

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3 things I wish I’d known…

I was recently interviewed by AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors) on three things I wish I’d known… (very pleased I could squeeze all those years and years of hard work into a 2 minute video) Going from urgent to urgent – rather than taking a longer term view. Most businesses in start up phase […]

Six gold nuggets on great mentoring.

I sometimes find myself in a difficult situation – I receive on average one request per day about becoming a mentor. This is flattering and I always want to ‘help’ – but I often don’t think I am qualified. I happily share from my experience and what I have learned (which I do by blogging […]

About leadership from a great leader

Ann Sherry AO has had what I would describe as a ‘non-linear’ career. However there is at it’s core a consistency in her dedication to improve the working lives of those around her. Much has been written about her career. I have known Ann for many years… the first time I met her was when […]

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The Bottom Line – Interview in full.

It is curious to see the outcome of me being interviewed. I found the interview with Alex to be far more of a chat with the friend over coffee. I was surprised at what he managed to dig out – including ancient photo’s. It is far more about me the person than my thoughts on […]

I love branding…. it’s all in the detail

My colleague Sarah – Head of Marketing at RedBalloon picked this detail up – and she shared with me because she knew that I LOVE this sort of thing. Years ago when I worked at Apple I was accountable for marketing to the printing and publishing industry. The design community took me aside and taught […]

The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ epidemic

I pose the question’ are we so busy staying connected that we have disconnected?’ Are we so busy to dash off an email we forget that a quick phone call can not only do the trick but be more time effective (as well as build the relationship). Perhaps you prefer email to ‘sneaker net’ just […]

Retailers need to know your time is their money.

I had half an hour between meetings in the city of Melbourne today – and I had some gift vouchers that I had received from my American Express membership rewards program; I thought what a great idea – I will have a little shop to get out of the cold and use these vouchers. I […]

Three Leadership Fundamentals

On the front page of the Australian Financial Review yesterday an article appeared ‘introducing’ us to one of the senior ministers in Rudd’s new government. Most of his cabinet has no ministerial experience – and it made me wonder what type of leaders they will make. Will they inspire the Australian people, unite us to […]

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Advice: ‘Work for nothing to get ahead.’

It is always wonderful to discover the journey of successful female executives. Last week I had the privilege of meeting the Big W General Manager Julie Coates. Whilst she primarily spoke of the success of the discount department store over the past few years – I was also interested in her journey through retail to […]

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Australian Women – what we really want (and deserve)

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March) LinkedIn has released the ‘What Women Want @ Work’ global study. According to the study, the majority of Australian women (65 per cent) define professional success as having the right balance between work and personal life, and 68 per cent believe they can ‘have it all’. And […]