How lucky we are

I was just taking a moment to reflect on how amazing my week was last week. I feel pretty lucky to be invited to Hamilton Island as a speaker. Literally a few hours from Sydney and I am on a tropical island – sipping a cocktail. I bumped into some friends whilst I was there […]

The power of the mini break

Some weeks I am so busy when I fall into bed at night I can barely remember what I did that morning… yet I am no good to anyone if I rush around without making sure that I look after myself. Often I just need a few moments to myself to gather my thoughts during […]

Naomi Simson RedBalloon

Three online branding lessons

It seems that lately I am being approached by many people who are asking a similar question, “How did you do it?”.  Obviously I write this blog so that I can share what I have learned which also means that people can dip into what they think is relevant for them whenever they choose. My […]

Too Cute

As we head off for a five day break with the family I was delighted to receive the photo below from friends who have just welcomed their first child into the world… Truly delighted that young Sam is really ‘into’ his RedBalloon baby experience.

1 million RedBalloons go by

Today is momentous, for me personally and for the amazing RedBalloon team. Today, RedBalloon is celebrating the sale of a million RedBalloon experiences. It seems like yesterday that I launched RedBalloon (during the dot com crash, no-one can accuse me of not having an optimistic outlook) and waited (and waited) for two months and four […]

Some of our best ever experiences.

The wonderful RedBalloon product team never cease to amaze me with how they source such innovative, memory-making experiences. Today’s additions to our experience line-up are so exciting, especially the beer belly casting kit that I’ve already earmarked for some of my friends with a little too much taste for the amber nectar! For watersports lovers, […]

Peace, tranquility and discovery.

One of the fabulous parts of my role is visiting and experiencing the amazing range of experiences that RedBalloon has to offer. This weekend my colleague Georgia and I visited a brand new supplier… and what a delight. I have never before been to a Health Retreat… in fact I was a little unsure of […]

Pet’s in Hospital… joy

I just received this delightful email from a RedBalloon experience supplier. It is such a beautiful story of a perfect gift…. and something I had never considered. A pet is often very much a member of the family – and when the family member (especially children and the elderly) is in hospital for a very […]

Which RedBalloon for Oprah?

Sometimes – one does get slightly stuck on what to give someone… but if this someone happens to be very important – and her first ever (and maybe only trip to Australia) which RedBalloon experience would be perfect for her trip in December – HELP? Oprah Winfrey is coming to Australia for the first time […]