Rolling out the Red Carpet.

There is a very real reason why I call myself the chief experience officer (CEO). It is not because RedBalloon sells experiences. I call myself that because it from my belief that how people experience an organization is an opportunity to either make or break a brand promise. We have always liked to stand out […]

1000 more birthdays.

Yet another birthday (next Friday just in case you needed to know) is fast approaching and this always gets me thinking …. ‘Am I doing the things I wanted to do?’ ‘What is it that I always wanted to achieve, do, be, have, or experience?’ It’s this time that you review the ‘Things I’ve always […]

Staying ahead of the game.

I’ve been writing posts over the past few days  about the things that I learned in traveling to the Entrepreneurs Organization global conference in Vegas. I many more to write. But it struck me, where do you get information and insights locally. I personally learn most when I listen to people. Suzy Dafnis and the […]

What not to do..

We have had our heads down over several weeks, working out what next years plan is going to look like. There are many ideas, lot’s of opportunities and things that we have not yet finished from this year. But we must choose what goes in and what is not going to make it into the […]

What are we saying about us?

I know about employee branding ? in theory anyway. That is how employees engage with the brand. I was considering my own business and realised that although I know what business we are in, we have been recruiting and bringing people on board at a rapid rate and I wondered about their perceptions: how they […]

Actions speak loudly about your brand

One of the things that I found so frustrating when I was running my last business was waiting for the money to arrive. I delivered a great service, the client was happy but then it would take months to be paid. On paper I’d made a profit…but the bank account said something different. So with […]

Being in the customers world.

I decided to be with our Pleasure Relations team on the phone for a day last week. What a fantastic experience. What a privilege to listen to customers first hand. I learned a fair bit, and I share without any judgement or making anyone wrong – it is just how it is. People Don’t Read […]

Ignore the critics. Embrace the criticism.

Sometimes people get really angry, upset and need to vent their spleen. And it is hard not to react to that anger and become defensive. We are all critics – whether it’s of food, wine, movies or Australian Idol – we’ve all got opinions. It’s just some are more vocal than others. Sometimes people want […]

Getting people talking..

In the early days at RedBalloon we got so many things wrong…it’s quite embarrassing now when I think back. If only I knew then what I know now. As a girl my father would say to me “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Whilst I didn’t really understand what he […]

So how was it for you?

I have never feared customer feedback! In fact I welcome it and encourage it. Everyone has GOLD it is really listening hard for it that makes the difference. (Some people do try to hide their’s, others give it away freely) I remember once a woman called at RedBalloon wanting to speak to the ?complaints? department. […]

On building unbreakable customer relationships.

The strong brands that we associate with are based on clarity, consistency and leadership according to Interbrand. This is now table stakes. People want a relationship with a brand. They are no longer customers ? or even just loyal, ultimately customers are the brand. Understanding the level of intimacy with a brand is key. Is […]