Naomi Simson speaker

4 insights in 8 minutes on entrepreneurship

I’m looking forward to my keynote at the Small Business Summit next week –  I did this interview (included below) for the local radio station about what I would be speaking about. My interview with Tony Eades covered so much in such a short time – and it gives a flavor for what I will […]

We are multi sensory beings – Aesop

Think about the brands that you love – how do they make you feel? What do they mean to you? Now think about those bill boards that you pass every day – for businesses and products that don’t stand for anything and don’t mean anything (and they may also not be relevant to you either). […]

10 ways to fall in love – with your customer

This years theme at RedBalloon is all about Customer Love. We have been playing a game to improve our NPS score… I was recently reminded of this top ten from 1. Make customer service a priority for the whole company, not just a department. A customer service attitude needs to come from the top. […]

A RedBalloon world – the story travels

I am often out and about meeting people, customers and suppliers and of course speaking to groups this can take me to anywhere in Australia (and sometimes overseas). It still surprises me that a business that no one had ever heard of a decade ago now appears in the most remote and far distant places. […]

CAN versus Breaking up…

I am continually fascinated by corporate marketing. In my day (oh I sound so old) communications strategy was all about ‘above the line’ and a bit of ‘below the line.’ You would tell the agency the problem then they would tell you what you should stand for and create a campaign around that. Given that […]

Customer Intimacy

Sometimes all the intention in the world – still means that a customer does not have a good interaction. The question I pose is can we please all the people all the time? I was saddened by an email I received directly from a customer this week – accusing RedBalloon of not listening….. I reviewed […]

Dinosaurs move over – you’ll be out of business

I have just heard someone recount a story that the CEO of his organization stated (only weeks ago) “Forget culture – we’ve got a project to build in a hurry”. Could this be true that there are still leaders who believe that culture is a ‘nice to have’?  This organization does not have female representation […]

A ‘luxury’ brand experience.

I am fascinated by how organizations personify the brand experience.  It is often so hard to get it right. One thing is promised in advertising but the in store experience is completely different. Company owned stores, however should ‘in theory’ have a far better ability to ensure that the brand is executed consistently at every […]