Starfish and Spiders in Tokyo

Rod Beckstrom has founded, grown and successfully exited several businesses. But he is a curious sort of a guy…he wanted to know about the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations. So together with Ori Brafman, he set about researching those organisations that are so very successful but they have seemingly no leader. I got to meet […]

A vision for absolute power

I was invited to speak at the global Entrepreneurs Organisation conference in Tokyo last week. What a privilege to meet 450 people who are all up to something. This is a group of people committed to making a difference and I was fascinated by the amount of conversation about global warming, and how it is […]

Recruiting the recruiter

I have been asking a lot of other business owners: when do you recruit an HR manager? It is such a critical role in the development of any business. Chatting with Steve Vamos recently (before he jetted off to the US to take up his new global role for Microsoft) he attributed much of his […]

Right time, right place, right attitude

Last night I met a group of 12 prospective members of the Entrepreneurs Organisation. We came together to listen to Peter Kazacos, the inaugural winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award, who sold his business to Telstra three years ago for about $333 million. Since late last year he has been back on […]

Always looking for great people.

We did a small count this morning and realised that we are currently recruiting for Four Great People Marketing Assistant Junior ColdFusion developer Account Executive Pleasure Relations Consultant I’m very much a part of the recruitment process. And I love it, meeting people, seeking out whether they fit. What I really look for in candidates […]

Fun, games and celebrations.

Do you celebrate achievements ? How? I was asked this question a few weeks ago at the Amcham event. My team often laugh at me, they think I?d celebrate paint drying. I love a game, a score card, a celebration. I remember once someone explaining to me why it was important to keep a scorecard. […]

I was recently asked about work life balance..

The funny thing is that as I’ve said I never would have invented this business if I had not become a Mum. So my children and husband are everything to me. The challenge now of course is that RedBalloon is a bigger business with a team of more than 30. And I am travelling regularly. […]

Fun at work is very important!

The football frenzie is about to arrive and this provides a fantastic opportunity to ‘share the experience’ at work. Maybe even run an office tipping competition. I assure you I will be totally up to date with all the results and you will be able to get the real time results regularily from here.