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I got control by giving up control – peer to peer leadership

People often ask “Did you ever imagine RedBalloon would become what it is today?”  In all truthfulness, not really…. but I do remember that it is a long time since RedBalloon was a startup. Back in 2001 there was no such thing as social media; digital photography was rare; no smart phones; the tech industry […]

RedBalloon turns ‘Blu’ for a day

Here is an international success story… which is humbling – and has left all RedBallooners quite ‘Blu’. I post this here to answer a question I had today in my session at EY. What does WorldBlu or a democratic business look like? Way back in 2001 when RedBalloon was founded, I had so many hopes […]

Six things to do to make sure you have a great day at work

  How many positive experiences did you have at work today? I have spent the last few days at the Spire HR Summit in Singapore, learning from renowned HR experts about the challenges and issues, but more importantly the opportunities in today’s market of “people”. My plenary session was on Day 1 and I chose […]

Good is the enemy of Great – Jim Collins

It is now more than a month since I sat enthralled with thousands of other Australians listening to one of the worlds great business commentators – Jim Collins. Having consumed his books and been influenced by his insights into leadership and greatness, I wondered what would stand out for me as time moves on. His […]

Your business will thrive when your people thrive

In last Sunday night’s episode of Channel Ten’s Shark Tank – John McGrath gave some very sage advice to one of the entrepreneurs – he said “I think you are both the biggest asset … and liability to your business.” John is a measured guy – and he did not say this lightly. A leader, […]

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When was the last time you said thank you?

Anyone who has met me or listened to me at a speaking event knows I’m a passionate person. For example, I’m passionate about giving people opportunities to share good times with those that matter to them: this is the passion that drives RedBalloon. I’ve said before how much of an honour it is to be […]

Longing to Belong

At the very core of our being – we want to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs speaks to self-esteem and respect – and respect is very much about being in a place where you can be yourself. When I left corporate life and started my own business I wanted […]

One step toward being an ‘out of the box’ best employer

I meet many business owners, and entrepreneurs; the question that we cannot help but ask each other is “How’s business?” People tend to be circumspect with his or her answer however the conversation usually moves on to “how did RedBalloon become a ‘Great Place to Work?”. I have never shied away from sharing with anyone […]

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Big dreams – if you think you can you can.

We have just completed our planning cycle. And I am completely excited by the plans that the leadership team has created under the stewardship of CEO Kristie. Whilst I am clearly not going to reveal the content here… it gave me cause to reflect about dreaming big – and playing full out. RedBalloon is all […]