Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Three on TEN

From experiences, to innovations, to the ‘out there’ and wonderful tonight brings us a fresh plate of Australian Shark Tank companies vying for investment…here are my notes from Shark Tank on set Episode Three – remembering that we don’t know anything about the businesses before they arrive on set: The Cave Commando Experience – Sirens, […]

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Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode TWO on TEN

With a mix of disruptive businesses, innovators and some rich discussions on valuation Episode Two has many lessons, great insights and a few laughs as well…Our entrepreneurs are prepared, their pitches entertaining and expressive – all the founders in this episode happen to be relatively young (well compared to us) – some have been battling […]

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Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode One on TEN

Well we are back – the five sharks (all self made entrepreneurs) listening, learning and delighted to see what we have coming in to Shark Tank for Series 2. All of these pitches were completely new to us. We have no briefing, we literally only have our ability to ask questions and find the answers […]

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The power of crowds vs the power of many.

The power of ‘crowds’ has taken hold over recent years. Crowdfunding, crowd reviews, crowd sourcing – though we are seeing a little less crowd ‘surfing’ than we used to. But rather than crowd – the real question is the power of many. When I look at businesses that come into Shark Tank  – or anybody […]

Naomi Simson Shark Tank season 1

Getting ready for Shark Tank Season 2

In the lead up to heading back into the Shark Tank for another period of filming for this inspirational Australian made business reality show, I thought I would share a few thoughts on how to prepare for your day in the Tank (or for everyone else, pitching your idea to anyone in your network). There […]

Naomi Simson Shark Tank Season 1

Shark Tank to return in 2016

It’s official – Australian’s love innovation… here is the announcement from Network TEN this morning… In summary Shark Tank Australia a ratings success, it’s captured the hearts and minds of the country – and Shark Tank will be back in 2016. —- June 8, 2015. Shark Tank To Return To TEN In 2016. Network Ten […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Fifteen on TEN

What an amazing first series of Shark Tank Australia – Channel Ten and Shine Australia did a sterling job of bringing together such an amazing variety of inventors and entrepreneurs. I have been delighted to hear the impact that the show has had on people dreaming about their ‘big idea’. Is this my favourite episode […]

Naomi Simson Shark Tank season 1

The before & after of Shark Tank series one

Network TEN’s last episode of Series One of Shark Tank Australia will air at 9.00pm this Sunday. I know it will be a fabulous finale – with laughter, lessons and legendary pitches… we will definitely go out with a bang. It also gives me a moment to reflect. How life has changed, the impact the […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Fourteen on TEN

One of the things I have delighted about in being part of Shark Tank is that we are amplifying the diversity of great innovation – that is we are demonstrating to the whole of Australia that anyone can be an innovator – whilst educating people on what it takes to build a business. Here are […]