Why pitching is storytelling with facts

I was asked last week, in an interview as part of the ANZ Business Ready program at #IdeaNation hosted by B-School, what makes a great pitch. Even though a third of my new book Ready To Soar is dedicated to answering that question, I think there is one element that appeals to me most and […]

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A gift for you or a gift for a loved one

It is all hands on deck at RedBalloon now – Christmas is fast approaching and there are hundreds of thousands of red envelopes to make it  under the tree in the next few weeks. Christmas for me is always a time for reflection and review – before I get on with next year and run […]

The Power of Positive

ISIL is Weak Waleed talks about how we can stop ISIL #TheProjectTV Written by Waleed Aly and Tom Whitty (@twhittyer) posted by The Project on Monday, November 16, 2015 Waleed Aly – made a powerful statement on Monday following the events last weekend in Paris. His message had 100 million views in the subsequent days. […]

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Where do you get your wisdom?

I get mine from the local shop… It’s fast and a few minutes walk from home… this is a far cry from what Nick Sherry predicted in 2011 that book stores would no longer exist in Australia by 2016. From where I sit as an author and reader, they appear to be thriving… in fact […]

What is the first step in the Entrepreneurial Journey?

I heard Megan Quinn share her entrepreneurial journey at a City of Melbourne business lunch recently (raising money for SecondBite). The audience was deeply engaged with her story and felt really comfortable to ask questions. The first question came from a woman who said: “I have recovered from breast cancer and I find myself risk […]

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Live What You Love: Purpose (Extract)

Purpose extract from Live What You Love I don’t live to work, I work to live. But if I love the work I choose, then my work is no longer work. Our society celebrates the idea of the workaholic. Earlier in this book I have written that the happy employee creates a great workplace. I […]

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Live What You Love: Positivity (Extract)

Positivity in leadership (from Live What You Love) A positive leadership relationship inspires people to become more than they might have been without the relationship. Following an effective leader, people accomplish and achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible. Rather than coming across as ‘delegation’ it feels far more like ‘all hands on […]

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Live What You Love: Passion (Extract)

Here is a small extract from my book Live What You Love There’s a notion that passion belongs to artistic types, musi­cians, painters, writers and children at play. The idea of being passionate at work can be met with, ‘That’s ridiculous! We’re all meant to be achievers.’ But think how ridiculous this is. Why would […]