Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Thirteen on TEN

Perhaps the producers have saved the best until last – each one of the businesses in this episode has been built for scale. They have significant revenue and are out of the start up phase. All of them have come to seek Shark experience to truly Scale their businesses. Whilst I should not have favourites […]

Naomi Simson Shark Tank

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Twelve on TEN

Pentablock – The pitch for this product was instantly impressive – claiming that it is 49x faster than the work of your average stonemason. Pentablock is a unique interlocking vertical construction block system, featuring a patented design, the result of years of research to create a “dry stack” system. As with all investments, the Sharks became […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Eleven on TEN

This is a great episode to observe how co-founders work together – all bar one of the pitches have several people pitching – and Tommy who is the only solo founder tonight is well surrounded by advisors and mentors – some of whom have an equity stake in the business; great to watch their interplay. […]

Shark Tank Series 2 Episode Ten on TEN

This episode is all about customer experience and customer promise – whilst what is presented to us differs vastly in terms of customer groups, markets and audiences – the fundamentals of brand promise remains the same; Does the customer believe that ‘you will do what you say you’re going to do?” Intelliweed – As a ‘would […]

Why pitching is storytelling with facts

I was asked last week, in an interview as part of the ANZ Business Ready program at #IdeaNation hosted by B-School, what makes a great pitch. Even though a third of my new book Ready To Soar is dedicated to answering that question, I think there is one element that appeals to me most and […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Nine on TEN

  Another magical episode of Shark Tank Australia – exploring what it takes to turn an idea into a business. This episode we have many seasoned entrepreneurs that are looking to supercharge their businesses with the help of a shark or two. New age store – Jen has a ‘set and forget’ business with a […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Eight on TEN

“Is this a dream or a nightmare?”  This is what we set out to discover in this episode of Shark Tank – clearly I am incredulous about something – the joy of discovering is not lost on even battle worn one’s like me. There was the inspired, the ingenious, the innocent, the inventor and perhaps […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Seven on TEN

Your Closet – For Millennials young women who want to wear designers formal dresses (and then send them back for another one).  – the allure of “no ownership” is moving beyond housing and cars and has transformed retail shopping entirely. Gone are the days where you save your weekly pay for the expensive shop window beauty […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Six on TEN

 There is such wonderful variety in each episode of Shark Tank and episode six is true to form – Aussie innovators who bet it all to get their idea off the ground. From Road Traffic Control to the eradication of skin cancer – getting you anything anywhere within 60 minutes to a natural doggie ablutions […]