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The words conscious and capitalism collide

It has been reported on more than one occasion that putting the words conscious and capitalism together would make an oxymoron. Yet what it really is, is announcement of the new order of what is possible, productive and profitable for businesses. “Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world […]

Stump the Strategist

It is pretty great when you get to a point in your career when people are interested in what you have to say. It can of course be challenging and personally confronting when put forward to an event called ‘Stump the Strategist.” But what is great about it is that I can use my ‘talent’ […]

Eight Ingredients at the Mentoring retreat

I thought about it at great length – consulted extensively with my colleagues – then asked on this blog if there would be an interest for some of those who contact me regarding their business growth strategies – would it be a good idea to get some like minded people got together for a weekend […]

Three Productivity Tips

I was part of a panel asked to present on our top productivity tips yesterday. Often we don’t really know what we do that keeps us productive – it is innate. I thought of my own productivity such as  writing down physically the three things I must get done in a day before I go […]

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‘Real women’ don’t need quotas?

‘Real women’ don’t need quotas? was the topic debated last week in Canberra at the AIM great debate event at the National Convention Centre. I was given the task of debating for the affirmative. Which meant that I was debating against having quotas. I’m not sure of the number but there seemed to be about […]

Putting on the Lipstick

Thanks Minh, Alex, Joy and Philippa for giving my blog a face lift. Nice that my blog is now in line with all the other RedBalloon sites. We can’t have the CEO with the oldest looking blog… I have now been blogging for close to five years. I find that it is a great place […]

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Tips on getting noticed.

A little thanks goes a long way – and will really get you noticed. Given my passion for all things relating to employee engagement (see previous posts) I work with an organisation to ensure that they ‘notice’ what their employees do and we devise programs to make people feel like winners. The challenge, of course, […]

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Success Factors.

Together with Emma Brown (Business Chicks) and Narelle Anderson (CBD Enviro Services) I shared my ?how did you become and entrepreneur? story and the American Chamber of Commerce Women in Management evening on 19 July. What great questions: in fact I?m going to share them separately ? rather than trying to lump them all in […]

I was recently asked about standing out…

Last week I was on a panel at a Women’s leadership event. There was a lot of conversation about how women manage conflict in the work place. Then I was asked the specific question ‘In your long corporate career how did you make sure that you got noticed to get ahead?’ I think they asked […]

I was asked why give it away?

Last week I spoke on eMarketing at the Australian Institute of Marketing summit in Brisbane. I was asked “Why do you give the information away – when you used to be a consultant?” This made me giggle a bit…we’ve come so far. When I ran a consulting business it was fee for opinion. So why […]