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Gender gap fast forward 80 years

I was recently challenged by a finding from the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report: it will take until 2095 – or 80 more years – to achieve gender parity in the workplace. 80 more years until the world’s available talent is fully optimised. We wouldn’t wait 80 years to implement any other business initiative, so why […]

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The words conscious and capitalism collide

It has been reported on more than one occasion that putting the words conscious and capitalism together would make an oxymoron. Yet what it really is, is announcement of the new order of what is possible, productive and profitable for businesses. “Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world […]

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#WinningWomen – EY 2015 program announced

I already feel like a ‘winning woman’ – having been selected to participate in the inaugural EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ (EWW) Asia-Pacific program. 2015 will be an exciting and massive year. I also know that to stay at the top of the game I have to keep learning… reading, listening, discovering. And one of the […]

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3 things I wish I’d known…

I was recently interviewed by AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors) on three things I wish I’d known… (very pleased I could squeeze all those years and years of hard work into a 2 minute video) Going from urgent to urgent – rather than taking a longer term view. Most businesses in start up phase […]