What ever happened to….

We all love a success story; now I find quite regularly that the first question that I get at speaking engagements is “whatever happened to the businesses you invested in as part of Shark Tank?” When we are on set – I am looking for not just the business idea, and does it meet with […]

Requests for Mentorship

I feel flattered every time that someone contacts me to ask if I will mentor or coach them… I’m involved with a number of programs where I can support start-ups and entrepreneurs on their journey – but, literally, I do not have enough hours in the day to meet the requests that I have to […]

Six gold nuggets on great mentoring

This morning was my mentoring morning…I allow one day once a month where I make sure I find the time to spend with upcoming entrepreneurs at all different stages on their journeys. I find it fascinating sharing my journey and learning about all various types of business ideas. I help however I can…Which reminded me […]

Six gold nuggets on great mentoring.

I sometimes find myself in a difficult situation – I receive on average one request per day about becoming a mentor. This is flattering and I always want to ‘help’ – but I often don’t think I am qualified. I happily share from my experience and what I have learned (which I do by blogging […]

About leadership from a great leader

Ann Sherry AO has had what I would describe as a ‘non-linear’ career. However there is at it’s core a consistency in her dedication to improve the working lives of those around her. Much has been written about her career. I have known Ann for many years… the first time I met her was when […]

Meeting Ram Charan

At the launch of Telstra’s Next IP, I had the privilege of meeting Ram Charan. Now I have quoted him many times, in fact in the little book of answers. Ram’s quote heads up one of the chapters. “The motto of successful CEOs: People first, strategy second.” Ram has written a new book simply called […]