Talk about a warm welcome!

I was on the phone to a customer earlier today and I mentioned that it had been more than a year since we had last talked about his staff reward and recognition program. “Yes,” he responded, “I know I need to do something but my biggest challenge at the moment is just finding people to […]

What people got up to on the day of Love!

We are really quite busy at RedBalloon on Valentine’s Day, not only with voucher deliveries but also in organising wedding proposals. We had some great ones this year. Proposals took place on a Harley, in a hot air balloon, a gondola, at a seaplane picnic, and scuba diving. These are some of the less obvious […]

Where does wealth come from?

I was at a book launch this morning (more on that later) and Peter Switzer was presenting what he thinks is critical to the success of a business. He had an acronym to demonstrate the commitment it takes..he said you need to ESD – Eat, Sleep and Drink your business. The point is though for […]

That’s expensive…

Business is simple. There are two ways to make a business profitable – sell more or reduce costs. If you get a bill for something, you analyze it and establish if there are any savings that can be made. But we don’t know what we don’t know. That is,? there is no monthly bill to […]

Stop Yelling and Start Listening.

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Tim Pethick, founder for Nudie Juice, speak this week. What a remarkable branding story. He shared some alarming numbers about how numb we have become to marketing messages. We have been yelled at by advertising for too long…we are over it. The point is – what are we […]

We?re happier than we were 12 months ago…

I picked this up this week in BRW. More than 44 per cent of Australian employees say the poor quality of their managers makes them very unhappy at work. Engineering tops the list of the unhappiest industry in which to work. according to Seek’s 2006 survey of Employee Satisfaction and Motivation. However, the good news […]


I was presenting for a corporation many months ago and the brief was to be inspiring, innovative and motivational – but please don’t make being an entrepreneur sound too exciting, we don’t want them all to leave to start their own businesses. Life as an entrepreneur is not a laugh a minute. There is heart […]

Online Experience vs dealing with real people

Yesterday I was asked at an Interactive Marketing event about the online vs offline selling experience. I read Neil Rackham’s “Rethinking the Sales Force” recently. And I also had the privilege of having a half day session with him as part of the Advanced Business Program I’m doing at MIT in the US. His book […]

The numbers are different but they all mean the same thing.

I was reading the statistics column in the Good Weekend a few weeks ago and came across a number that I thought absolutely incredulous!. So I wrote to Professor John Croucher Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management who compiles the numbers and asked “where did this number come from?” […]

Big Titles – Bigger Expectations

Sometimes when I present my business card at a meeting – people giggle at my title. ?So what does a Chief Experience Officer get up to?hee hee?? I made my own version of CEO because it suited me. I was reading in the current edition of Inc. Magazine about the titles people are given in […]

Free Advertising!

Well there is no such thing as a free lunch…however according to Gallup Organisation in one of their many studies. If people are engaged with their employer (in other words know what they are doing, why they are doing it and others notice the difference they make) 78% will openly recommend the company’s products or […]