One by One

One person at a time RedBalloon is changing gifting in Australia and New Zealand forever. It is a simple purpose that continues to drive me every day. I love knowing that people get to experience things that they have always wanted to do as a result of what our team does… and that a gift […]

Where are the women…

I was speaking this week at the ADC Future Summit in Melbourne and there was quite some discussion on the fact that Australia is fast going backwards when it comes to women in leadership roles. My simple very non-theoretical answer when challenged on ‘why’ was simply ‘why not’. The reality is that one by one […]

Let the numbers speak for themselves.

We’ve finished the report from our recent survey and we heard from 3,053 employees on how well their managers and companies perform when it comes to recognizing and rewarding them, and what the impacts are. We also uncover the secret to what employees really want. It might be worth downloading the full report Below are […]

Managers are driving employees away

I was just listening to an interview with  Aubrey Daniels who was commenting on Daniel Pinks TED presentation He says that human nature has not changed for 1000s of years. A few weeks ago we received the survey results back. More than 3000 people gave us feedback on the current state of Reward and Recognition […]

Six Cities in Six Days

Not quite six days but this week I’ve been in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne then home to Sydney, last week Hobart and next week I go to Adelaide – Lot’s of people wanting to hear about employee engagement. It is a happy message that I share, people are left knowing that a few simple things will […]

Women’s Vital Statistics

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about ‘why women are paid less’ – which has caused much discussion and debate. Of course a blog is personal opinion and designed to get people talking. The comments left on the post offer such a variety of opinions. A friend of mine sent me these statistics, […]

Restoring Trust

A few months ago it was reported that trust in business has plummeted, yet trust is considered a key determinant to success. This should be alarming to business leaders. Given that more than ever they are asking employees for discretionary effort – and to pull them through tough times. “Data from the 10th Edelman Trust […]

Are we being un-Australian about the GFC?

Every couple of months RedBalloon sends a survey to it’s customers on how employees are feeling about a particular workplace issue. We’ve dubbed it the Pleasure Survey. This time we wanted to put aside all the doom and gloom in the news and ask workers of all ages their view of the GFC Well our […]

Apparently Mum is recession proof.

From time to time the RedBalloon marketing team put a survey out to our customers… We wanted to know more about what people do for their Mums on Mother’s Day. Well apparently people are defying economic uncertainty and pressures to tighten spending, Respondents have vowed not to forget Mum this Mother’s Day – but our […]

Where is the opportunity for 2009

According to a survey by Ernst & Young – presented by Jon Dobell Managing partner, Strategic Growth Markets… CEO’s see growth coming in 2009 from: 45.4%     Expand into new geographies 36.3%     Target one particular market segment 27%        New acquisitions 18%        Drive recurring income 18%        Cross selling. The four key decisions […]