meet Tiffani Bova

Introducing Tiffani Bova – Sales Futurist

Meet Tiffani Bova In September 2015 I sat listening to a woman who shared a vivid story of growth. A woman after my own heart, I was keen to connect with this like-minded woman. She has the most fantastic background (and title) – Sales Futurist, Growth Adviser and Customer experience advocate. Since I first met Tiffani, […]

Sydney Swans Ambassador

In the Blood: Sydney Swans Ambassador

Sydney Swans Ambassador I was recently invited to be an ambassador of the Sydney Swans which might be one of the easiest roles I have ever had to play. The season is about to commence and I recently shared with the club my thoughts about the game (and a bit of background to my involvement) […]

How female founders fare on Shark Tank Australia.

How female founders fare on Shark Tank Australia Another year has passed and it is International Women’s Day #IWD again and the media will commentate on the gender pay gap, the lack of women in leadership, and the continued unconscious bias against women in many areas of the work landscape. What about female founders and […]

Inspired by those that I meet

There is so much to learn from others – true greatness comes from our ability to grow from what others have learned. Meet-Up is all about what I have learned from those entrepreneurs and influencers that I meet. Inspirational quotes that I have collected as well as what I have shared with audiences in my […]

What ever happened to….

We all love a success story; now I find quite regularly that the first question that I get at speaking engagements is “whatever happened to the businesses you invested in as part of Shark Tank?” When we are on set – I am looking for not just the business idea, and does it meet with […]

Spending money to make money

So this week I have been quoted as saying “recognising your people is not about being ‘nice’ it just makes good commercial sense”. Recognition has always been one of the drivers of what I consider makes a healthy and high performing business. In all my years of working with, being in, listening to and visiting […]