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The state of Small Business – It’s a team game

Small businesses are essential to economies around the globe; we the little guys – serve our local communities, we too can serve the world because we can access customers anywhere. I find myself in a fortunate position almost as a spokesperson on behalf of small business because of my role on TENs Shark Tank Australia. In […]

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My Work Life When I Was 22

I often have a good giggle with audiences when I’m presenting, about what it was like working “last century.” The funny thing is that in just a decade, many of the practices seem completely archaic. How did we cope? We had telephones that you would dial, and then wait after each number you dialed for […]

RedBalloon turns ‘Blu’ for a day

Here is an international success story… which is humbling – and has left all RedBallooners quite ‘Blu’. I post this here to answer a question I had today in my session at EY. What does WorldBlu or a democratic business look like? Way back in 2001 when RedBalloon was founded, I had so many hopes […]

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How much do you owe your mother?

I’m very open about the fact that I’m a woman of many labels – entrepreneur, speaker, director, author, blogger and innovator – but to my children, I am simply mum. And of all the roles I’ve ever had, being a mother is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding. It is not linear by […]

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To dream the ‘impossible’ dream….*

A BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is a dream – but not an impossible dream. In fact by definition it is possible – but not probable. Do you have a personal BHAG? I wonder how many people simply give up their dreams because they tell them selves that they are too ‘old’ too ‘poor’ or […]

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When the big fear gets in your way: failure.

A blank white screen has been sitting before me for a little too long, and I am questioning why it has taken me so long to write on this topic. This isn’t because I haven’t made any mistakes – between you and me, I’ve made a lot. Given my deep commitment to positive words, I […]

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Why “I didn’t know” is no excuse

This article first appeared on LinkedIn in March 2015. I was always getting into trouble as a child and breaking the rules. At the time I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t think anyone would notice. I was trying to ‘get away with it’. One thing I have found fascinating through […]

Talking about Live What You Love

  Here is a bit of an insight into the why, how and thoughts behind writing Live What You Love. Booktopia interviewed me just at the time of launch… You can see that this is my deep passion…. sharing what I have learned.

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Best Advice: Persistence (from Live What You Love)

Persistence – extract from Live What You Love When asked to contribute to this special LinkedIn Influencer content edition – I knew I had to share some of what I have written in my about to be released book “Live What You Love” I headed it up “Best Advice: Get in the driver’s seat” Some […]