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Internships part of a rounded education

Kate - far right starting her career as an intern with RedBalloon

As we head into the new tertiary year – with thousands of young people starting at Universities – as employers we sit and wait – hoping that they will come out well rounded individuals ready to face the work world. Internships are a great way to get undergraduates ready for the world of work. News reports were scathing about Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In community project posting a note on Facebook for an unpaid intern in August 2013 – as I…

What Can We Believe In?

Simon and I discuss very important RedBalloon business

At the very core of what it is to be human is our need to belong I wrote recently for a LinkedIn ‘Influencer post’. How we connect to others, our community, family, sporting teams, companies, or country to name a few. Part of our experience of ‘belonging’ is believing that our lives are somehow enhanced because we are a part of that institution, group or community. I reflect on how my teenage years were so vastly different than that of…

The Key To Success Is Practice

Dandapani and I mid 2013

As we move into 2014 it is very much a time to reflect, review and create. I’ve never been big on New Years resolutions – but I do always take the time to create a plan. My partner and I also create a theme for the year. This year we have chosen ‘Simplicity’. As a professional couple with a combined four young adults in our family – life is very hectic. This theme caused me to reflect on my meeting…

What Is Your Legacy?

What Is Your Legacy?

As the year draws to a close – one begins to reflect on the year, it’s ups and downs – and then what the next year might look like. I have not been blogging quite as often – simply because I have been setting aside that time to write a book. One of my highlights for 2013 was being a speaker at ‘Wired for Wonder’. Better to have a mind opened with wonder …..than closed by negativity. Wired for Wonder…

The more you persist the more I’ll resist – Inspirational

The more you persist the more I’ll resist – Inspirational

Tell me I “cannot” do, be or have something – and that is the surest way to inspire me into action as I recently shared with the LinkedIn influencer program. What inspires me is simply when the ‘impossible becomes possible’ – to tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging. The pet name my peers gave me at university was ‘Num’ – because it rhymed with dumb… I had an idea that I was not the smartest…

Nine life lessons distilled from 770 blog posts

Life Lessons from the famous and the ordinary

I was recently asked as part of an awards process to outline the lessons I have learned from starting my own business in 2001. I then referred to my blog to find out that of the 770 blog posts I have written – 164 of the posts have been dedicated to ‘Lessons Learned’. These are my own originals – but I add  four from the famous below. Then I set about trying to summarize, and I thought there might be…

Technology is at the heart of all businesses – embrace it

NSW Pearcey 2013 Entrepreneur Awards - Hall of Fame

As I shared late last week with my LinkedIn community. I found myself sitting in the auditorium of the NSW Parliament Building to participate in the Pearcey Foundation’s 2013 Technology Entrepreneur of the Year awards. (I was there to be honored by being named the 2013 winner). The Tech industry is a place that I have spent nearly all of my career – before being an entrepreneur I had roles at IBM, Apple and a number of other IT entities….

Disconnected by FOMO

Disconnected by FOMO

Many people experience FOMO that is the ‘fear of missing out’. What I mean by this is people fear that someone is having more fun or a better time than they are, in that moment. As a result many people are struggling to be present  or truly experience where they actually are. I hosted a lavish family dinner party for my sisters fiftieth birthday and it broke my heart to watch her youngest want to be somewhere else could he…

It’s BHAG Day!

at 10.39

Today at exactly 10.41 am is the moment in time I have looked forward to for more than a decade. I thought this day would come somewhere in 2015. 16 October 2013 is BHAG day – it feels even more special than a birthday. And it is a day of reflection, laughter, joy and celebration. When Kirsten, Jemma and I sat around wondering “how could we change gifting in Australia forever” so that experiences became a top of mind when Australians considered…

Nightmare on Corporate Street

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Most of us have been there I explored in a recent LinkedIn article. Feeling unappreciated; our work and efforts going unnoticed and uncelebrated; our self-confidence plummeting by the day. The experience we have in the workplace can have a profound impact on all other areas of our lives, as well as our overall sense of well being. I started RedBalloon back in 2001 party because I wanted to create a workplace that inspires people, values their contribution and makes them…