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What is the best business idea?

Shark Tank entrepreneurs Andrew Banks, Steven Baxter, John McGrath and Janine Allis

This month we have been on set shooting “Shark Tank” Australia – for Channel Ten. The team of ‘sharks’ (pictured) is reviewing people pitching his or her business ideas – as we celebrate entrepreneurship and invention there are other things I will be looking for in the business ideas that — with nurturing and investment — will become great businesses. We will see hundreds of business ideas. Not all will make it to TV. Some will paint themselves as a…

If I’d Stayed at Apple, I’d Never Be an Entrepreneur

Apple in the early 1990s (was I really wearing red back then too)

“Could have,” “would have,” and “should have” are all statements of regret, and not ones that I tend to use. I “should have” practiced more yoga and I “could have” started when I was younger, so I rarely look back. So when I was asked to write this, it gave me time to reflect and dream about what life might have been like if I had not left my job at Apple. I was a marketing manager at Apple Australia…

Consumers Rule and Innovation Is Inevitable

Consumers Rule and Innovation Is Inevitable

Last summer for close to five weeks I traveled with the family– it’s the “big trip” for my daughter’s graduation from high school, her eighteenth and my special birthday. When she was just a tiny tot in primary school I remember saying to her in passing. “You are growing up fast – all too soon I will be taking you to Paris when you finish high school.” And here we are – already. Travel is completely different to what it…

My First Job

Every career starts somewhere

There always has to be a first that will be forever remembered. And I’d like to think that first is remembered for all the right reasons. My first job was at the local toy store. I got the job just before the Christmas rush and I worked Friday night and Saturday morning. My first paycheck came in a little white envelope (I still have it) – $5.12 for seven hours work as a shop assistant. After work on that Friday…

Four Strategies for Finding Happiness at Work

Four Strategies for Finding Happiness at Work

As we start a new year – with one or more new years resolution… most of us will have considered what we do for work. If we are happy at work (where we spend so much of our time)… then some how life seems to come into flow. I enjoyed reading James Clear in his article 6 Ways to Find Happiness at Work, there are a few things you can do to create a happier reality for yourself at work……

Thank you to the 800,000 people reading my LinkedIn posts

At the Channel Ten 2015 Launch event with fellow 'shark' Andrew Banks and the MasterChef team

I thought it might be interesting to share what it is like to have a “public profile” – not as a celebrity of course – merely someone that people might look at in the street and have a sense of familiarity with. I was in the LinkedIn office in Paris in February – far away from home – and several of the team there were staring at me. Only one offered this comment, “I’m sure I know you – are…

Men as Champions of Change*

Photo taken prior to the Prime Ministers cabinet selection

I was chatting to a family member over the weekend and he mentioned my recent uplifting post as to how far the women entrepreneur ecosystem has come in Australia. Then he said… “I just don’t see sexism anywhere, Naomi”. He works for a business where one of the three owners is a woman and he says that every one is paid based on his or her merit… so technically the business he works for has a third leadership. It is…

Productivity Hacks: Happy People Are Productive People

Productivity comes from my head space. I struggle to be creative if I'm negative.

I’m not being flippant here in suggesting that being happy is my “hack”. When the editors of LinkedIn sent out the brief requesting our insights into the productivity hacks that we use, I looked at all the things I do, from shared document reporting, to online diary requests systems… All of these add consistently to being productive. The Cloud has transformed the way I work – and not just my productivity but that of all those around me at RedBalloon….

Ten myths about woman and pay equality

Ten myths about woman and pay equality

I was having dinner a few years ago with my daughter then (17) and son (15) – and my son asked me if I would prefer to be a man or a woman… I instantly responded ‘A woman’ – when he asked the same question of my daughter, after some deliberation she said ‘A man’. When I questioned ‘why?’ she said – ‘they just get everything easier and they are paid more.’ This saddened me. At such a young age…

Let’s Fix It: No One Needs to Feel Isolated

Let’s Fix It: No One Needs to Feel Isolated

We all need someone. At the very core of being human is the need to connect to others. The tragic thing is that in our busy lives we are often forgetting to share a laugh or sit and listen. We have the ability, but not the time. Isolation for any human being is a devastating experience – the whole premise of founding RedBalloon was about connecting people through sharing “good times.” I know the power of shared experiences, but what…