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I’ve always been a story teller.  Engaging a room, a team or a dinner table is what I thrive on and love to do (perhaps I’m a little bit full of myself).  The feeling of having people emotively connect to a topic is an amazing opportunity for me to share what I have learned.  So after blogging for almost 10 yrs, being one of the most read influencers on Linkedin, being read by millions of people around the planet, I decided to write my first book.

Live what you Love – When Passion and Purpose Change your Life (2015)

As a speaker and an entrepreneur, I’m saddened when I hear how people do not follow their dreams or at least make a powerful choice about where they spend their time.  The need for purpose and passion in our daily lives is what drove me to write this book.  For people who want to develop the best version of themselves – for them. In some ways, it is what I wish I had known when I started on my own long and winding career.

Being on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank I was asked regularly about how people could make their dream a business reality and so in 2016 I released my second book – Ready to Soar – Turn your brilliant idea into a business you love.

Whilst LOVING what you do is essential, going into it with your eyes wide open is even more important.

Ready To Soar – allowed me to share the scars, the learnings and the wisdom I’ve gained over almost 15 years worth of entrepreneurship and learning.

I have penned other books including I want what she is having (out of print), Five Thanks a Day (eBook) and The Little Book of Answers (Employee Engagement)

Writing for me is about sharing vision, learnings, failures and realities of starting, growing and scaling businesses from an honest and transparent perspective.

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  • Who's that? @whomagazine spread feat. Dexter 🐶 on sale today! There's even a peek into my closet - you'd never guess what my favourite colour is... here's a hint: it's not red. Any ideas?
  • Oh what a party to celebrate 20 years of business ownership ... my kind of story #congratulations @laurenebmc and team at #hmmg #growth
  • How do I grow and scale my business?⠀
It's a question I get asked by many people and I know how hard that task can be. I have had many challenges as I've scaled my businesses and I have found that there is no set and forget. I am continually learning and developing ways to improve. That is my journey and I am not sure of yours… but so I can remain customer focused, I'd like to help you. 
Click the link in my bio to send me your questions. Each fortnight my team and I pick a question that resonates for the collective, and hopefully I can head you in the right direction:⠀
#smallbusiness #growandscale #askmeaquestion
  • In business they may well call this a pivot... in my view it is the small adjustments that a business owner makes each day as they listen to customers and respond
  • I love a #growth story Congratulations team @vegepod what a ride we are on!


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