Are you the only you!

NaomiSimson.CEO What the new dotCEO Top Level Domain looks like

NaomiSimson.CEO What the new dotCEO Top Level Domain looks like

You never know if you are the only you… or is there someone else just like me in another part of the world.

Here are some fun facts:

  • The global population is now 4 times what it was when I was born.
  • There are more people alive today than have ever been alive in the whole of history.
  • I’m not the only Naomi Simson on the planet.

Way back in the early days of the internet (in the beginning of time as they say) – I did a Google search on my name and found that I was not the only Naomi Simson. In the US there are others – one in particular a published medical researcher.

Whilst I was running a tiny business at the time – I had big plans. So I registered my name as a URL – and later it became this blog.

My online identity was important to me, so much so that I purchased my children’s names as dotComs as well – and gave them the URL for their birthdays when they turned 14. As a little – “Welcome to the online world and right of passage gift.”. Both sites remain inactive because in those days building a web page and hosting it was hard work.

So fast forward ten years and we now live in the world where there have been a number of top level domains  issued. The world of .com and are about to change.

I admit I have registered NaomiSimson.CEO (and also my children’s names – even though they are still completing their education) they may not yet be CEOs but one day they might be CEOs. I got in quickly.

If you are already a CEO or an aspiring one – or you think like me you should just reserve your kids names (as a graduation gift)… it is probably worthwhile to do it sooner rather than later.

I built my dotCEO page via reputation.CEO on the fly adding photographs, text and links – and now I use it as the one link at the bottom of my emails so people can see what I am saying anywhere online.

(If you do register your name at dotCEO remember to click the CEO interest group that applies to you  – I look forward to announcing later my intention as curator of the conversation on Women.CEO)

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