About Me

This blog is my journey – as the founding director of RedBalloon and advocate for happy workplaces: the sum of my own personal experiences as an entrepreneur, business owner, leader, manager and mother. What I get right, what I get wrong, and all the adventures in between.

Your questions, comments and feedback all help make this blog the inspiring business resource I want it to be. So please, subscribe, get involved and have your say!

I believe:

  • That happiness is a journey – not a destination
  • That passion, persistence, powerfulness and purpose create a vivid experience of life
  • That the good times we share amplify happiness
  • People need more shared good times – we are meant to hang out together
  • That saying thank you [a lot] spreads a sense of well being
  • That everyone deserves to have a great day at work.
  • That preaching what I practice – means others can learn from my experience -and build on it.
  • If it is meant to be it is up to me
  • I’m responsible for my own well being
  • I’m impacting a greater cause – inspiring people to ‘Live the Dream’

Download a copy of the eBook – Five Thanks a Day:

Five Thanks a Day

I’ve put together a collection stories, ‘how to’ and the science behind the power of saying thank-you – and you can download it here for free.

From  years of experience as Australia’s # 1 Gift Experience business we have put together a 64 page book full of stories, ideas and simple things you can do. Enjoy!

Download ‘Five Thanks A Day eBook

Moments I am a little proud of:

  • Being the 2011 national winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award – Industry Category
  • Winning the 2008 national Telstra Business Womens Awards for Innovation
  • RedBalloon voted as one of Australia’s Best Places to Work by BRW 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013
  • Hewitt ranking RedBalloon with a 97% employee engagement score – especially given the average in Australia is just 54%!
  • Leveraging our business success to create RedBalloon ‘We Care’ to fund charity and volunteer work
  • Being selected as a LinkedIn Influencer (now with more than 250,000 subscribers)

Why is RedBalloon all about ‘Good Times’?

Who’s Dexter?

It can be pretty lonely setting up an online business from home. Until RedBalloon generated the revenue to employ people and move into premises, it was Dexter the Spoodle I brainstormed with during our daily walks. Now Dexter is almost as much part of our brand as the red balloon. He comes to the office, welcomes visitors, loves photo shoots and can even be followed on Twitter!