3 Emails Recieved this Week

We have calculated that the team at RedBalloon send and receive more than 10,000 one to one emails every week ie not automatically generated from the system. I thought I would share a sample of some this week.

Email One


Thanks for the email??.

Loved the little red book!?? My boss is actually a bit of a jackass (pardon my French)….and while reading the book all I was thinking was ”why can’t he do those kind of things for us…it’s so simple!!! “??I’m saving it for when I decide to quit – I’ll leave it on his desk to remind him of all the things he failed to do for his staff :)

Thanks again!’

Email Two

I got this email in response to my Seth Godin request to attend the 3 day event he is hosting – beautifully written for a reject letter – though not personalized.


My eyes are red and my fingertips are blurry (or the other way around, I’m not sure).

After painstakingly reviewing 900 applications to pick just about 1% of them, I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t find enough room for everyone I wanted to include in my upcoming seminar.

This is a very clumsy process, and I hope you won’t confuse my quick choices with your odds of success… you guys are rock stars, and I’m sorry I couldn’t pick everyone.

Go, make something happen. And thanks for applying.


Email Three

I get quite a lot of email from people looking for guidance as they start out in their own business. Here is just one example…

‘Hi Naomi,

I have been following your blog for some time, along with utilizing your site on occasion!

After re-reading about the path you took to get where you are now, it motivated me to write this small request to you.

I have been having trouble getting NAB to get their heads around the concept of my new business and would really like any assistance, as to what your model is, or which bank you have used etc.

I would love to hear from you soon!

It really is a great story you have, I must get my self a Spoodle!!’

[FYI my brief response -

We were very fortunate that we had a long and preexisting relationship with our bank.... and we have had the one banker for more than 10 years. Much of business is all about good relationships... and the bank being an essential part of that.

I can introduce you to a Westpac business banker via my network if that helps - otherwise you will just have to put your woo hat on.... until you find someone who get's you.]

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